who, me?

Creative writer, equestrian, feminist, and LGBT ally. Fan of nontraditional grammar; enjoys making other people think. Would love to learn how to cook properly, but has no life and a tendency towards minor cuts and small burns. Enjoys strange words and thought-provoking quotes.

Views the world through very particular rose-colored glasses, finds facets of this place unbelievable; hence: rose-voiced.

Owned by two cats, two birds, and two horses. Currently trawling northern San Diego and the Internet for food for thought.

sara headshotWhen not engaging her quirks, Sara can be found behind a computer much of the time, and if she’s at home she probably has a cat clinging to her somewhere. She holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Chapman University in Creative Writing, two minors (Women’s Studies and GLBT Studies), was named 2012 Outstanding Creative Writing Student, and would rather not type out the long names of the various honors societies she holds membership in.

She is in wholehearted support of the Oxford comma, is vaguely neurotic about the proper usage of apostrophes as they reflect possessives, finds typos in most restaurant menus, and has many creative ways to illustrate the differences between to, two, and too; their, there, and they’re; red, read, and read; led, lead, and lead, et cetera.

She enjoys mentoring fledgling writers of any age, developing works to their fullest, and grousing about inappropriate uses of quotation marks.

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